The Most Played Casino Games

Casinos are popular and they attract a lot of tourists every year. Iconic and huge casinos attract even more tourists than an average casino would. Places like Las Vegas, Singapore, Monaco, and Macau get a huge influx of tourists because they have huge casinos and are known as the go-to places for gambling.

Casinos have also migrated to the internet, offering online options. Online casinos typically offer promo codes and bonuses, like this Virgin Games Promo Code, that experienced gamblers know to use regularly.

Whether online or offline, casino games are popular and among the many, there are only a couple that stay at the top of the ladder for an extended period of time. Here are the most played casino games.



Blackjack is among the simpler games that you can learn to play. It has nuances and details that experienced players can learn to rely on through experience, but it is still gambling. The goal of the game is simple, get as close you can to 21 or land on 21 and you win. If you go above, you lose. 

Blackjack is available in many forms and types but typically you will find the standard edition available in any casino in the world. 



Roulette is one of those games where you have to rely on lady luck and nothing else. You bet on a number and color and the wheel and ball determine whether you win or lose. The ball lands after the roulette is done spinning, on a red or black number.

Roulette is hard to win but the payouts can be huge. It is also why there are not that many huge roulette winners, due to the randomness of the game. Even so, it is the second most-played casino game.



If we are talking games that are played outside casinos and in private, poker would probably be the number one. However, if we are talking about the games played inside casinos, then poker is in third place.

Poker also has many variations but standard poker is the most played one, along with the Texas Hold Em. Most casinos offer some variant of poker. It would be great to get informed as to which type of poker is offered.

Video poker is also available nowadays and has been for a while, thanks to technology and casinos moving online.


Slot Machines

Slot machines are insanely popular because they are very simple. You pull a lever or press a button and the machine does its thing, making noise and spinning reels. If you win, the machine rewards you with money and more noise.

Slot machines are available as digital “games”, where the player ends up taking an adventure, opening new rooms, and getting better rewards. Progressive slots have become really popular, pushing slots further up the list.



This is a simple game where players bet on which hand will be closer to the number 9. The one who guesses the closest number wins the game. You can bet on the player’s hand or the dealer’s hand, or even bet that there will be a tie. 


These are the most popular casino games that are played in regular and digital formats. Depending on the platform, some may be more popular than others but the list should look similar and have the same games mentioned above.