Professional Painter Career Opportunities

You love art and would like to follow your dreams and develop your talent by enrolling in an art academy. However, you can’t help wondering: what can painters do these days? Is it a good career prospect? In fact, if you are considering a career as a professional painter, you have many options to do what you truly love, express your creativity, and still make a decent living out of it. Furthermore, the creative industries and the value of unique works of art are expected to grow as more repetitive jobs become automatized and more people seek refuge from consumerism and mass production.

Moreover, as a professional painter, you will gain sufficient skill to enter any field of visual arts that you decide for. Here are some of the career opportunities you might want to consider.


Artists have a very important place in society. Their work can show us the world’s hidden beauty, make us laugh at its ironies, or warn us of its horrors. Whatever its form, style, or theme, good art speaks to the audience and will find its place at exhibitions, in galleries, museums, festivals, or in homes of art lovers. If you believe in your art and its message, show it to the world and the world will appreciate it. However, keep in mind that if you want to live by selling your art, you will need to work a lot on networking. Open your studio and let people know about it, get in touch with gallery owners and museum directors, curators and organizers of cultural events in your city, tell them about your vision and show them that you are determined to follow it.

Art Teacher

If you love working with children, then being an art teacher in school is a great choice for you. You can work as a teacher without having to give up your artistic ambitions. In fact, working with students can be incredibly inspiring! You can also give private classes or offer creative workshops in your atelier: it is a great source of additional income.

Gaming industry/Graphic Designer/Marketing…

If you are fond of applied arts and would like to use your painting skills in a practical way, you can do that by applying for a job at one of numerous video game developers, or marketing companies that always welcome creative visual solutions. You will probably need to take some additional courses, but you will also learn new ways to do art!

Art Galleries/ Museums

Your education will enable you to become an art gallery or museum director, managing these cultural institutions and organizing exhibitions. You can also work in your city’s culture department and organize workshops, festivals and other events to promote culture in your city.