The Most Interesting Gambling Websites Online

Are you one of those people who dislike sports and is therefore not a huge fan of gambling either? Well, what if we tell you that you can gamble on other things than sports as well? The internet is full of websites that allow users to make their own, personalized bets, or bet on strange things with a MyBookie promo code. Some of these allow you to bet for real money, others allow you to bet just for fun.

Below, you can find our selection of the most interesting gambling websites on the internet that are definitely worth checking out.

YouBetMe is a platform that allows you to create your own custom bet for any occasion and bet your friends. You can choose one of the suggested bets, which are just bets that people choose often, or you can think of your own.

You can do it easily by visiting the website on your smartphone, tablet, or your PC, or you can do it via SMS. This is awesome if you are in a location where you do not have internet access but you still want to make the bet official and not allow your friends to wiggle their way out if they lose.


The funfair is a revolutionary new website that combines the blockchain technology with the casino industry. It has the potential to completely change the gambling industry both for the operators and the players. This website uses Ethereum technology to deliver high quality, high security, low cost, transparent casino experience.

FunFair uses a combination of powerful peer-to-peer cryptography and networking to ensure fair odds and to improve the security of players and their personal data on online gambling sites, which has been a big problem for as long as online gambling sites have been around.

Hollywood Stock Exchange

The Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX) is an interesting gambling website that allows you to place bets for virtual money. Therefore, you can have fun, while not having to spend your hard-earned bucks.

It is a multiplayer, web-based game where players use fake money in order to buy or sell shares of movies, directors, actors, and other movie-related things. The website was founded by Max Keiser and Michael R. Burns in 1999.

So, if you are a movie buff and you enjoy everything related to the movie industry, you will love this website. You can use it just to have fun, or you can use it to practice before you enter the real stock exchange market.

Media Predict

Media Predict is another free website that will allow you to have lots of fun and hone your gambling skills for free before you go on to bet real money. This website allows you to predict any media-related stuff that is popular at the moment or that is set to happen far in the future.

Some categories that you can bet on include TV, Games, Sports, Politics, and many others.

5 Best Global Organizations That Help the Environment

Due to various natural and man-caused reasons, our planet Earth is in dire straits at the moment. The future seems unsustainable at the pace our industry is moving right now. We are experiencing an unstoppable growth in pollution, consumption, extinction of species, and the depletion of resources.

Therefore, the planet Earth needs all the help it can get. Luckily, there are many global organizations that help protect the environment and that are very good at doing it. Below is a list of our favorite global organizations that help the environment.

Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund was founded in 1985 and it has protected more than 7 million acres of land so far. It operates in all 50 states. The goal of the organization is to preserve as much land as it can for the future generation while maintaining a balance between the ecology and the economy.

The fund has three main points of strategy. The first one is securing land for both private and public purposes. The second one is sustainable programs, which include a conservation institute and a leadership program. The third one is conservation ventures, including forest management and the green business.

Conservation International
Conservation International’s motto says, “People need nature to thrive!” We could not agree more. This organization is a bit younger than the previous one since it was founded in 1987. Its main goal is preserving the climate, water, air, food, and resources. However, they are not environmental extremists and realize the importance of balancing the economic development into this image as well.

This organization operates in four areas: field work, government policy, science, and partnerships. They make partnerships with the EU, the US, and numerous other global governments to maximize their impact and influence.


Earthjustice is an organization that was founded in 1971 which claims that the planet Earth needs a lawyer as well. However, they do not really represent the planet Earth in legal matters. They provide legal aid to organizations and individuals involved in environmental legal issues.

Three criteria are used when choosing whether to accept or decline a case: whether the stakes are high, whether there is a landmark impact, whether the case would create long-lasting partnerships with local or national groups.

Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund was founded way back in 1967 in New York City. The main goal of the organization is to preserve the natural environment on which we all depend. They do this by trying to balance the ever-clashing interests of ecology, science, and economics. Their work is based in four main areas, including oceans, climate, ecosystems, and health. Because of this, they are known as the most economically literate campaigners. This organization also boast of being the first such organization to hire an economist with a Ph.D. in 1975.

Natural Resource Defense Council

The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) calls themselves “The Earth’s best defense!” This is a huge organization with more than 1.4m members and more than 350 staff members, including lawyers, economists, scientists, and policy experts.

The organization has 7 main priorities: creating the future with clean energy, managing global warming, defending endangered species, reviving the oceans, ensuring sufficient and safe water, protecting health, and supporting sustainable communities.

5 Best Casino Websites for Design Inspiration

Casino websites use many psychological tricks to attract users to their platforms and to keep them there. For online casinos, the situation is a bit different – no matter whether it is the websites that offer promotions for casinos such as the PokerStars Casino PA bonus code or the online casinos themselves, their own survival depends on what their websites look like. When it comes to land-based casinos, the websites are used more for promotional purposes and attracting players. The more I was browsing through them, the more a pattern started becoming obvious.

This pattern consists of 5 main principles that should be followed to make a successful and powerful casino website design. Some casinos are more successful at this than others, so I’ll show you one great casino design for each one of the five principles. Let’s get started!

  1.   Casino Monte Carlo – Keep it Simple

Casino Monte Carlo is one of the most popular and most successful online and land casinos in the world. When we take a look at their website, that should not surprise us at all. The key to a successful casino website design is in simplicity. Don’t cram many options and buttons on the front page and make it swim in information. A good home page should have just several important pieces of information and options. Just like Casino Monte Carlo does.

  1.   City of Dreams Manila – The Power of Colors

Colors have a very powerful impact on the users. You can use colors to send a message or achieve a certain state of mind in the user. City of Dreams Manila is a great example. The moment you enter the website you are greeted by colors yellow and orange. These colors are generally associated with wealth and gold and leave a powerful impression on the users. That is why City of Dreams Manila is a very successful casino.

  1.   Casino Helsinki – Real People

The photos you choose for your website will, naturally, play a very important role in its success. Therefore, using photos of real people will make a real difference in your conversion rates. If you take a look at Casino Helsinki, when you enter the website you can see a lot of real and relatable people who are having fun at their casino and winning lots of money. That is a powerful web design and psychology trick that you should consider.

  1.   Adelaide Casino – Call to Action

If you want the users who enter your casino website to be more than just spectators, you need to have a powerful call to action solution. Adelaide Casino is a casino with a web design and a call to action that you can learn a lot from. When you find yourself on the home page, you are right away invited to check out their promotions and bonuses. It tells you how you can benefit from taking part in their games and why you should do it right away. So, make sure to incorporate this element into your website design if you want it to be successful.

  1.   Casino Canberra – Spend Money

Last but not least, you have to spend money in order to make money. Casino Canberra seems to have learned this lesson. Having a successful casino website means making it exciting for the gamblers. What better way to do it than by offering plenty of promotions? Your design can help here by making the promotions visible and easily accessible, just as it is in the case of Casino Canberra. At first, it might seem you’re spending a lot, but the returns will soon outweigh the losses.

5 Key Website Design Ideas and Tips

Having a great underlying idea for your website is definitely important. However, just having thought-provoking content is not enough unless your design is on point and it can captivate a reader’s attention.

A good web design needs to be easy to understand and to add to the overall theme of your website while improving the functionality and user experience. Here are 5 ideas and tips on how to take your web design to another level.

  1.   Less Is More

We live in the age when readers’ focus is very short. Thus, your content needs to fit the attention span of the readers. Few people actually read every word on a website. Instead, we quickly skim through a page, looking for relevant information and keywords that are of interest to us.

That is why it is important to keep your website as minimalistic as possible, especially your homepage. This is the part of the website that is going to grab the attention of your readers, so it needs to be organized, relevant, and informative.

  1.   Organize Your Pages

The moment the reader accesses your page, they need to know what information is the most important and what information is not so important. There needs to be a hierarchy of content because you have only a couple of seconds to get someone’s attention.

The best way to do this is to play with size, contrast, font, spacing, and other visual formatting styles. Make sure that there isn’t anything on your website that is attracting attention to itself unintentionally.

  1.   Readability Matters

Readability is a measure of how easy it is for readers to discern between different words, phrases, and sentences. When a website has a high readability, it means that it is not cluttered with content and that readers will have an easy task of finding the info that matters to them. So, keep your sentences short, use more active than passive sentences, and generally use simple sentence construction to keep your readability high.

  1.   Simplify Navigation

Everybody likes information that is easily accessible. When a reader enters a website, they expect to find what they are looking for within a couple of clicks or they will take their search to another place. So, make sure that your navigation is simple and that it makes sense. The most important is to make it intuitive so that it guides the reader through the website on its own.

  1.   Be Mobile Friendly

Most readers nowadays enter websites on their phones, while they are on the go. Therefore, ask yourself what they are seeing when they look at their tiny screens. Test every page on your smartphone and make sure that your website is mobile friendly and easily navigable on all devices.

Real Madrid Wins Champions League with a bit of Luck

As the time passes, the details of this match will definitely fade. Real Madrid will not remember how exactly it went from being great to being a legend. The specifics will begin to matter less and less as the time goes by. What will really matter is that Real Madrid has accomplished what only the special few have managed to do – to win the Champions League three years in a row. 

A Short Memory

How it all went down will eventually become secondary. The narrative that Real Madrid will tell to itself and to the world will inevitably change. The collective memory of its players and fans will pick only the parts worth remembering and forget those that do not fit their idealistic image.

The second goal of three total, the impressive overhead blast of Gareth Bale, will be the first one to be mentioned whenever the conversation about this match is started. It is an immortal kind of goal. On the other hand, the first and the third goals will probably not be mentioned in the conversation – the goals that have determined the outcome of this match. However, Liverpool will most probably never forget them. Loris Karius, Liverpool’s goalkeeper, will certainly not be able to erase them from his mind.

The Aftermath

Liverpool does not have the possibility to cherry-pick which moments of the match they will cherish and which ones they will discard like Real Madrid does. In the aftermath of the match, all three will remain with the fans, the two horrid ones will remain even longer with Karius.

As the game neared its ending, Karius looked desperate because of the mistakes and Cristiano Ronaldo even more so as he desperately tried to find a chance to make a score that would etch his name in the finals as well. At the end of the game, Karius dropped to the ground, his face planted in the grass, and stayed like that for what appeared to be an eternity.

Gareth Bale’s Victorious Goals

The real star of the game was, of course, Gareth Bale. His two goals ensured a 3-1 win to Real Madrid and the chance to hold the crown. However, one goal was magic, the other one was a mere blunder.

This victory was Real Madrid’s third victory in a row of the tournament. That’s a feat that has not been seen since Bayern Munich won the Champions Leagues in a row between 1974-1976. In total, Real Madrid has 13 titles now overall and has won four European Cups in the last five years.

Time will tell how this victory will fare on Real Madrid’s legacy and what its fans and opponents will remember.