Professional Painter Career Opportunities

You love art and would like to follow your dreams and develop your talent by enrolling in an art academy. However, you can’t help wondering: what can painters do these days? Is it a good career prospect? In fact, if you are considering a career as a professional painter, you have many options to do what you truly love, express your creativity, and still make a decent living out of it. Furthermore, the creative industries and the value of unique works of art are expected to grow as more repetitive jobs become automatized and more people seek refuge from consumerism and mass production.

Moreover, as a professional painter, you will gain sufficient skill to enter any field of visual arts that you decide for. Here are some of the career opportunities you might want to consider.


Artists have a very important place in society. Their work can show us the world’s hidden beauty, make us laugh at its ironies, or warn us of its horrors. Whatever its form, style, or theme, good art speaks to the audience and will find its place at exhibitions, in galleries, museums, festivals, or in homes of art lovers. If you believe in your art and its message, show it to the world and the world will appreciate it. However, keep in mind that if you want to live by selling your art, you will need to work a lot on networking. Open your studio and let people know about it, get in touch with gallery owners and museum directors, curators and organizers of cultural events in your city, tell them about your vision and show them that you are determined to follow it.

Art Teacher

If you love working with children, then being an art teacher in school is a great choice for you. You can work as a teacher without having to give up your artistic ambitions. In fact, working with students can be incredibly inspiring! You can also give private classes or offer creative workshops in your atelier: it is a great source of additional income.

Gaming industry/Graphic Designer/Marketing…

If you are fond of applied arts and would like to use your painting skills in a practical way, you can do that by applying for a job at one of numerous video game developers, or marketing companies that always welcome creative visual solutions. You will probably need to take some additional courses, but you will also learn new ways to do art!

Art Galleries/ Museums

Your education will enable you to become an art gallery or museum director, managing these cultural institutions and organizing exhibitions. You can also work in your city’s culture department and organize workshops, festivals and other events to promote culture in your city.

Top Trends in Gambling Website Designs

If you plan to start running an online casino or a sports betting website, or an affiliate site such as this one for the promotion of the Caesars Casino online, it is crucial to have a design that looks professional and trustworthy and at the same time stands out from the crowd. The website is the first thing your customers will see and its look and feel will determine the impression they have of your casino/bookmaker, i.e. it will either make them want to stay or leave. That is why we’ve compiled a list of the most important trends and norms for building a professional gambling website.

Minimalistic Design

Don’t try to put all the information about your website on your welcome page and don’t cram it with commercials, banners, videos, etc, that aren’t really necessary. It will look shabby, and visitors will feel overwhelmed and attacked. They will probably also be frustrated because of the longer loading time. Instead, opt for simple, elegant design with all the necessary information displayed in the front. Point out the most important traits that make your casino different from all the rest and explain the registering process and your offer as straightforwardly as possible.

Intuitive Navigation

Your customers should be able to navigate your website in such a way as to easily get the information they are looking for. In particular, they should be able to start gambling in as little steps as possible. Try to make things easy for your customers and you will be rewarded with loyalty.


Online gambling these days increasingly takes place via the phone. By making your website mobile-friendly, you will attract and keep more customers. Your website design should enable users accessing it on the phone to easily find information by scrolling, and in general enjoy the same experience as PC users.

Quick Loading Time

If you include too many videos and animations, the result is going to be a sluggish website that customer find irritating. Aim for the small number of well-chosen animations and videos that represent your brand in the best possible way. Today’s world is speeding up and customers have less and less patience. Respect their time and you will be rewarded.

The Look

When it comes to aesthetic trends, aim for a look that combines the sharp and modern style of a professional corporate website with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Think futuristic, but not pretentious. Choose colours that represent your brand. The bright and colourful design will make your website look fun and cheerful. Since most casinos use green, red and black, you might want to avoid these obvious choices. Choose a unique mascot that people can relate to and let it tell the story of your company or include it in the tutorials. All these little touches will make your brand really stand out.

Build Trust

We live in the age of cybercrime and an important part of your website should be devoted to spelling out how important security is for you and how you intend to protect your customer’s private information. In addition, you might want to include the testimonies from satisfied customers, social media endorsements, security trust badges, and a section where users can meet your team. This will build trust, personalize the experience and your customers will feel they are dealing with real people who care about their needs and their privacy.

Best Ways to Relax During the Holidays

With all the work and no play you have been doing lately it can be easy to forget just how important it is to recharge your batteries. Rest is just as important as work because an overworked individual is usually running on her reserves and it gets increasingly difficult to remain sharp when fatigued. Moreover, it sure is easy to forget our dreams and aspirations when our work devours our time. So here are just some ways to relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Go to the beach. The healing properties of water are majestic. Going for a swim is a healthy way to break a sweat because swimming will exercise your entire body. Moreover, few injuries, it may even seem like none at all when compared with other sports, are caused by swimming. Cooling down on a hot beach by putting your head underwater rejuvenates your mind. For a moment it seems like the entire world has left and it’s just you and the aquatic life. This is exactly the feeling you could be seeking in order to get away from the familiar rhythm of life. The beach is a place that family and friends can enjoy so bring along the people you love the most. It is imperative to leave work behind for a while and not answer any emails that may distract you from completely enjoying your experience. Since you can’t carry your communication technology in the water, you will never become anxious when you hear that ringtone.

Visit a natural reserve and see what wonderful sights nature has in store for you. If you live in a concrete jungle this is a must to fully relax oneself. The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze. When you experience nature you are only an observer with no strings attached. There is no deadline or report that needs to filled out in order to come see the sights. There is a sweet serenity that always accompanies the natural world that has not been touched by man. This is an ideal location to calm down and just enjoy.

Most certainly if there is something you should do in order to recuperate during your break – go outside. A brisk walk or a nice trip will give you an opportunity for reflection and appreciation. To appreciate not only the landscapes you would like to see but to take in the moment with your loved ones.

A definite way to completely forget about cooking and items required for your trip is to book an all inclusive hotel where activities are covered, food cooked for you, your room is cleaned for you, etc. All of these things are done so you do not have to even think about them. No more chores.

Listen to music or go see a live performance. Holiday destinations are ideal locations for musicians and performers to set the mood. Also, if you choose to be spontaneous and enjoy the prospect of being surprised by music it may even be better for you to do no research at all about who or what you will see. You will always look back at these memories with a smile.

Remember to remain calm and enjoy every moment that you can. Holidays are the best moments to let yourself go and relax.

Where Do People Bet on Horse Racing the Most

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports in human history. Visiting a horse race has been a beloved pastime all over the world for centuries, and the gambling aspect of it has greatly contributed to the sport’s popularity, generating over $115 billion a year globally. If you are interested in online betting, you’re at the right place – because in this article we explore in which countries people bet on horse racing the most!


Some of the most elite competitions in the world are held in the US, including Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

The most common type of horse betting in the US is for a horse to win (finish first), to place (finish first or second) or to show (finish first, second or third), and betting is predominantly pari-mutuel, meaning that all the bets on a particular race are pooled and split among the winning bettors. Thus, bettors don’t know in advance how big their winnings will be, because this depends on the total number of bettors.


The Melbourne Cup, annual event held in Melbourne, known as “the race that stops a nation“, is the biggest horse racing event in Australia, the country in which the sport was officially established already in 1810. Some of the best Thoroughbred horses are bred here. Several bodies, including the Australian Racing Board, govern racing and betting in Australia. Betting options include both on and off course betting, with fixed odds as well as pari-mutuel.

United Kingdom

Horse racing has a long tradition in the UK. The two main kinds of races are Flat and National Hunt, bets are usually made through bookmakers giving fixed odds, either online or in stores, and the annual turnover amounted to around £4.5 billion last year. The most prestigious races include Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot, The Grand National and Cheltenham Festival.


Horse racing is extremely popular in Japan and is one of only four sports Japanese can legally bet on, in addition to powerboat races, motorbikes races and cycling. The Japan Cup and The Nakayama Grand Jump attract thousands of visitors every year.

With a horse racing betting turnover exceeding $22 billion in 2015, Japan is the country with most horse racing bets placed of all the countries on this list.

Hong Kong

Over the past years, Hong Kong has established itself as one of the world centres of elite horse racing. Here, betting on horse races is part of the culture. The Hong Kong Jockey Club, founded in 1884, holds monopoly over horse race betting in Hong Kong and is the largest taxpayer in the city. Last year it recorded a record turnover of £11.2 billion from horse betting.  


The world’s richest turf race, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is held annually in France, just outside Paris. France is a world leader in the sport, organizing over 2000 meeting annually, both gallop and trotting. Other major events include The Grand Prix de Printemps series of races and the Week-end International de l’Obstacle.

The Secrets of Casino Design

Over the years gambling has seen extraordinary changes in its image. Indeed, there are experts in this field of business whose interest is to make sure that the casino environment adheres to the principles of design psychology, optimizing the layout, colours, themes, sounds, decorations, Golden Nugget bonus code etc in other to motivate casino visitors to gamble more. Keep reading to find out how they do it.   

Two dominant approaches to casino design are quite opposite. The first one, called the gaming approach, was developed by Bill Friedman, himself a former gambling addict. Friedman advocated the use of bright lights, loud sound and aggressive red and orange colours, with a goal to make visitors excited and increase their adrenaline levels. He also argued that players should be isolated from everything that is not related to gambling, which is why casinos often remove clocks, windows and any other reminder of the outside world, or how much time has passed.

In line with this, the maze layout, or labyrinth, seeks to make it very difficult for customers to find the exit once they have entered the premises. Moreover, without a way to keep track of the time – no clocks and no windows – casinos would become sophisticated webs ensnaring their prey. It gave gambling an Alice in Wonderland kind of feel where you would meander through seemingly endless machines and tables and find something new and interesting as you move along. Mirrors placed everywhere enhance the maze effect.

On the other hand, Roger Thomas, a professional interior designer, reinvented modern casino by putting accent on relaxation and luxury. “I create rooms that I want to be in,” is his motto. His main goal is to make people feel comfortable, thus making them more likely to take risks and spend money.

His playground layout design moves away from a closed space with no light to a large room with a high ceiling, large windows and glamorous décor. Flowers, art and monumental sculptures are used as décor. The key concept is to merge the furnishings with the game that will take place in the designated location. Much like a child’s playground the gambling areas will be organised in small clusters giving gamblers the ability to immediately identify their desired gaming station. Because of the small clusters of gaming opportunities, there is plenty of room for customers to freely manoeuvre around the casino and it also gives some privacy to people that are already on the slot machines or at the tables. The playground concept suggests that the compact areas where customers have almost no elbow room is a bane rather than a boon. If casinos are meant to inspire individuals to become wealthy then they need to be perceived to be wealthy enough to make a gambler’s dream come true. High ceilings with large statues boasting the establishment’s luxury have become the switch from the maze layout to the playground.

This casino design emphasizes calming colours, such as blues and golds, and plenty of natural light. Wide open spaces, large widows, and lot of room for relaxation are the main traits of this approach.

There are also some universal rules of casino design: pleasant scents are used, casino must have a coherent theme and the use of soft, ambient music rather than loud music, because the latter can be distracting.