5 Best Casino Websites for Design Inspiration

Casino websites use many psychological tricks to attract users to their platforms and to keep them there. For online casinos, the situation is a bit different – no matter whether it is the websites that offer promotions for casinos such as the PokerStars Casino PA bonus code or the online casinos themselves, their own survival depends on what their websites look like. When it comes to land-based casinos, the websites are used more for promotional purposes and attracting players. The more I was browsing through them, the more a pattern started becoming obvious.

This pattern consists of 5 main principles that should be followed to make a successful and powerful casino website design. Some casinos are more successful at this than others, so I’ll show you one great casino design for each one of the five principles. Let’s get started!

  1.   Casino Monte Carlo – Keep it Simple

Casino Monte Carlo is one of the most popular and most successful online and land casinos in the world. When we take a look at their website, that should not surprise us at all. The key to a successful casino website design is in simplicity. Don’t cram many options and buttons on the front page and make it swim in information. A good home page should have just several important pieces of information and options. Just like Casino Monte Carlo does.

  1.   City of Dreams Manila – The Power of Colors

Colors have a very powerful impact on the users. You can use colors to send a message or achieve a certain state of mind in the user. City of Dreams Manila is a great example. The moment you enter the website you are greeted by colors yellow and orange. These colors are generally associated with wealth and gold and leave a powerful impression on the users. That is why City of Dreams Manila is a very successful casino.

  1.   Casino Helsinki – Real People

The photos you choose for your website will, naturally, play a very important role in its success. Therefore, using photos of real people will make a real difference in your conversion rates. If you take a look at Casino Helsinki, when you enter the website you can see a lot of real and relatable people who are having fun at their casino and winning lots of money. That is a powerful web design and psychology trick that you should consider.

  1.   Adelaide Casino – Call to Action

If you want the users who enter your casino website to be more than just spectators, you need to have a powerful call to action solution. Adelaide Casino is a casino with a web design and a call to action that you can learn a lot from. When you find yourself on the home page, you are right away invited to check out their promotions and bonuses. It tells you how you can benefit from taking part in their games and why you should do it right away. So, make sure to incorporate this element into your website design if you want it to be successful.

  1.   Casino Canberra – Spend Money

Last but not least, you have to spend money in order to make money. Casino Canberra seems to have learned this lesson. Having a successful casino website means making it exciting for the gamblers. What better way to do it than by offering plenty of promotions? Your design can help here by making the promotions visible and easily accessible, just as it is in the case of Casino Canberra. At first, it might seem you’re spending a lot, but the returns will soon outweigh the losses.